About Us

Chung Yi Enterprise Corporation was found in 1980. We are electronic components supplier and mainly supply quality cables, wire harnesses, modular jacks and other adapted accessories to the telecom and electronic industries worldwide; included: Wire Harnesses, Connectors, Modular Jack, PCB Jack, Telephone Cord, Cables & various types of wire processing assembly. Our products could be applied to all types of electronics, electrical appliances, computers, communications, toys, equipment, peripheral network equipment, etc.

We are committed to pursue a well-established management system and reliable quality verification. We have got the certification of ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and all products are UL recognized and certificated of RoHS/REACH. < >

Our mission is “Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service”. In order to provide the highest levels of quality and achieve large volume production target, we have introduced a large number of advanced automated machines and facilities in our factory. Sophisticated production experience, quality products and services would be our advantages to establish a long-term cooperation and win-win partnership with domestic and overseas customers.

We specialized in providing OEM/ODM customized services. From product design to supply, we could offer a unique turn-key solution to meet each customer’s requirement. In order to provide better services for customers all over the world, we have also set up the offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dongguan and Shanghai, respectively.